Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hello 30

Well here it is, the last day in my twenties. There’s no turning back now.  It’s crazy how when you’re little you imagine your life turning out a certain way and following a certain plan.  I can say my life is absolutely nothing like what I imagined and I’m very thankful for that.


The past ten years have taught me how to love and how to be loved in return, how to believe in myself and how to put more trust in God.  I’ve been challenged in ways I could have never imagined. But the wrong turns and obstacles brought lessons learned specifically designed for me. 


During my twenties I graduated from college, moved to Raleigh, lived on my own, finished graduate school,  became a redhead,  moved more times than I can count, met my husband (my favorite part), planned a wedding, gained 2 sisters and a whole bunch of beautiful nieces and a nephew, found the most wonderful dog, started 3 new jobs, met some friends who became family, worked to stay close with friends who were already like family, attended beautiful weddings, saw my best friends become mothers and fell in love with their babies, traveled to Ireland twice, saw Hall & Oats in concert, went back to being blonde, moved to New York City (my second favorite part), cried tears of joy, tears of fear, and tears of happiness, I’ve loved a lot, smiled a lot,  but most importantly I have grown more  into the person God designed me to be.

Up until now thinking about turning thirty seemed so far away and a little scary. But now looking back all the events of the last decade makes me excited to begin this new chapter.  I’m excited to read on and see what happens next.  As always my hope is that I will continue to grow as a woman, a wife, a daughter, and a friend all while learning to put more faith in God.