Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Day We Became a Family of 3

You might think that Sean and I became a family the day we got married but you would be wrong.  We both agree that our family began eight months before our wedding day.

It was a warm Saturday afternoon in November 2012 when Sean and I were wandering around Raleigh and  somehow ended up at the Wake County Animal Shelter.  For months we had thrown around the idea of adopting a pup but the timing just never seemed right.  We knew we needed a smaller- hypoallergenic dog.  On top of that we knew we didn't want a puppy or a dog that wasn't house trained.  To add even more pickiness to the situation we wanted a dog that loved to cuddle and who was socialized enough that we could take him out in public for walks and dinners outside. 

This particular trip to the shelter was different.  Instead of leaving the disappointed we left with a 12 pound bundle of fur and kisses that we lovingly call Barkley.  

 Just the day before Sean listed about ten reasons why it wasn't a good time for us to adopt a furry friend.  That all changed as soon Barkley's big brown eyes met ours.  It's hard to believe it's already been 10 months since we brought him home.  I don't think either of us actually remember a time before he was ours.  

We enjoyed our first Christmas and New Years as a family of three

We have had lots of adventures at the local dog park 

Which led to lots of fun during bath time

Luckily Barkley has never held bath time against us because right after we're back to cuddles

We love you Barkster!  
Thank you for loving us unconditionally, never meeting a stranger who didn't instantly become your best friend, and for completing our little family.  

Sarah D.

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