Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'm Baaaack!

I've been MIA from bloggy world and there is no excuse for my absence so I will not go on and on about that. However, I will go on and on about what I've been doing since December 8th....

1. I went to NYC with Brook and had the most amazing time!
"Is that plane going to Albuquerque?"
"...I've never been to Canada."
Inside joke but Brook will appreciate :)
2. I had my first Christmas with my boyfriend! (he would be that guy in the picture on the right side of the blog) I know I've never blogged about him before but I plan to change that soon. Our first Christmas was so wonderful and I was beyond impressed with his gift giving abilities!
3. I gave the bf tickets to see Straight No Chaser. If you don't know who they are YouTube them right now!
4. Took my BF to the airport...more on this later.
5. Went home to good ol' Western N.C. for Christmas with my family :)
6. Came back to Raleigh and spent time with Brook
7. Had dinner with Brook
8. Had drinks and deep conversations with Brook
9. Cooked dinner for Brook
10. Tried a new empanadas restaurant with Brook
11. Spent New Years Eve at fantastic party at the Art Space in downtown Raleigh.
12. Went to Brook's parents house for dinner
13. Watched the Jersey Shore with Brook
14. Made a 60 song playlist for Tara's Bachelorette Party
14. Oh, and I've been to the gym every day but 2 since Christmas. I'm pretty excited about a new class my gym is offering called Sh'Bam!

So...that brings us up to today. As you can see lots of fun, family, quality time with Brook...but no BF.

This Sunday I'll be picking up Sean, the boyfriend, up from the airport and there are no words to express how excited I am to see him. He left on Dec. 22 so if you do the math that is 18 days or 2.5 weeks that he's been in Ireland and the UK.

All I have to say is sorry for the lack of pictures in this post, THANK GOODNESS FOR SKYPE and it feels really good to be back :)