Wednesday, July 11, 2012

High 5 Friday

Today I'm linking up with Lauren for high 5 Friday! Here's a little recap of the past few days.

1. "the sting"- my favorite drink from a local Raleigh bar. Think mojoto with jalapeños and cilantro rather than mint!

2. My new favorite picture I snapped of me and my fiancé. Thank you Insatgram for helping me fake photog abilities.

3. My first attempt at the sock bun. I've wanted to try this for ages and finally got around to it. I think it's easier on the head than a regular bun because it didn't feel nearly as heavy and weighted down as my hair usually does.

4. Smoothie!!! I got a blender last week so I've been making these up a storm. So far chocolate peanut butter banana is my favorite!!

5. Quality time with the coolest girl around. I am superbly blessed with good girlfriends.

A long time coming...

This is a post I've been thinking about writing for a while now but haven't. When I began this blog I wanted it to be a diary and a place where I could share my life with people I know and more people that I don't. I think I've been pretty open and honest about myself and my life and I really like that, even though I took quite the hiatus from blogging. 

Last year when I was heavily blogging I chose to not write anything personal about relationships for good reason. When I started this blog I was a little over 2 months out of a relationship and in the midst of figuring out where to go with my life. At the time I thought that breakup was one of the hardest things I had ever been through because it  made me question everything about myself! My faith, my future, my personality..everything.

I spent some time post breakup getting to know myself again. I worked on figuring out what I wanted from my life and evaluated what was important to me. I rekindled friendships that I had lost and that has meant so much to me. At the time I needed a creative outlet and even when I take breaks from it I'm very thankful its still here.

In my life reevaluation I met someone who started out as a  friend like none other I have ever had. A friend that literally stopped at nothing to make me smile, to comfort me, and to make sure I was happy.  I'm pretty sure no one, besides my family, has ever made me feel so safe, loved, and special.  I honestly feel that with his support I can do anything.  Feelings like this are most certainly once in a lifetime because I know I'm not always the easiest person to put up with!

I'm beyond words excited to say that this friendship turned into a relationship which has turned into an engagement and in just a year will become a marriage.  I am without a doubt the luckiest girl in the world!  I cannot wait to share more about my wonderful fiance and our plans for the future!

Shopping Local- Farm Fresh Produce

Growing up in a small town I did not realize much difference between shopping local and buying from major stores.  I think this mostly because we did not have any major stores.  The only chain restaurant we had was Hardees for goodness sake.  So, a few years back when a craze for shopping local began I jumped on board, especially when it comes to food!   People who live in Raleigh have no idea how fortunate they are to have so many easy ways to buy local produce.  For one we have a massive farmers market that is open year round and offers a ton of in-season produce as well as baked goods, seafood, and plants!  As much as I love weekend trips to the farmers market I sometimes find myself  unsure of what to buy and how much before it would spoil.  So I started doing some research in local CSA's and produce delivery services.  Turns out we have a plethora of them and in spring 2011 I found this gem ...


Lee's Produce is a farm located on the Johnston/Sampson county line that harvests fresh fruits and vegetables then offers a home delivery service to those in the triangle.  If that doesn't sound cool enough their prices are incredible affordable, between $18-$25!  I really cannot say enough about how much I  love cooking my favorite vegetables as well as trying new ones without a lengthy expensive trip to the grocery store.  

Here is an example of what I received a few weeks ago...
bib lettuce
basil & cilantro plants
sweet potatoes
cherry tomatoes

If you live in the Triangle area check out Lee's Produce and get your veggies this week! 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'm Baaaack!

I've been MIA from bloggy world and there is no excuse for my absence so I will not go on and on about that. However, I will go on and on about what I've been doing since December 8th....

1. I went to NYC with Brook and had the most amazing time!
"Is that plane going to Albuquerque?"
"...I've never been to Canada."
Inside joke but Brook will appreciate :)
2. I had my first Christmas with my boyfriend! (he would be that guy in the picture on the right side of the blog) I know I've never blogged about him before but I plan to change that soon. Our first Christmas was so wonderful and I was beyond impressed with his gift giving abilities!
3. I gave the bf tickets to see Straight No Chaser. If you don't know who they are YouTube them right now!
4. Took my BF to the airport...more on this later.
5. Went home to good ol' Western N.C. for Christmas with my family :)
6. Came back to Raleigh and spent time with Brook
7. Had dinner with Brook
8. Had drinks and deep conversations with Brook
9. Cooked dinner for Brook
10. Tried a new empanadas restaurant with Brook
11. Spent New Years Eve at fantastic party at the Art Space in downtown Raleigh.
12. Went to Brook's parents house for dinner
13. Watched the Jersey Shore with Brook
14. Made a 60 song playlist for Tara's Bachelorette Party
14. Oh, and I've been to the gym every day but 2 since Christmas. I'm pretty excited about a new class my gym is offering called Sh'Bam!

So...that brings us up to today. As you can see lots of fun, family, quality time with Brook...but no BF.

This Sunday I'll be picking up Sean, the boyfriend, up from the airport and there are no words to express how excited I am to see him. He left on Dec. 22 so if you do the math that is 18 days or 2.5 weeks that he's been in Ireland and the UK.

All I have to say is sorry for the lack of pictures in this post, THANK GOODNESS FOR SKYPE and it feels really good to be back :)