Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I'm Moving...

In just 2 weeks!

For about a month I have had the option of getting out of my current lease. Anyone that's ever rented knows that leases can be hard or really expensive to break unless you are attacked by a brown recluse spider and threaten your landlords with legal action (and/or take your story about their neglectfulness all over N.C.'s capital city!)

A little over a week ago I had very little direction in terms of my living situation. I knew I wanted out and I knew I wanted 3 other things when when choosing my next living environment:

1) I wanted to stay downtown. I have been SPOILED by living ITB (inside the beltline) for the past 4.5 years and really prefer to not venture outside for much. I suppose if I stay in Raleigh it's bound to happen eventually but for the time being I will cling with everything I have to maintain my status as a downtown Raleigh resident . I LOVE this city and I want to live in the heart of it!

2) I knew I wanted a dishwasher. I have adamantly refused to use disposable paper plates! Partly because I love my beautiful red dishes but mostly because I think its just plain wasteful. However with that said...I desperately miss having a dishwasher and will never take having one for granted again! Washing every pot, pan, fork, spoon, knife, plate, bowl, cup, etc..has gotten real old.

3) I knew I wanted to make sure the property managers for wherever I moved provided insect extermination on a regular basis. Y'all who in the world does not exterminate their properties?! Especially when they're 50+ years old?! It might be my own ignorance that I did not check this out before I moved in but after living in apartments for almost the last 10 years I assumed it was just something landlords did. If you're not sure what I'm talking about please read here.

Somehow I found all 3 of these things PLUS some wonderful and unexpected perks...

-cheaper rent

- a walk in closet the size of all my current closets combined

-a front porch

-and most importantly a new roommate who I am really excited about getting to know better! (Hi Blair!)

I've already started brainstorming ideas about organizing and decorating and I can't wait to share them on here! Maybe one day next week I'll share the story of how Blair and I met like 10 times before we actually met. It's a cute story :)

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