Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Fancies: Mixing Patterns

One of the things I most enjoy about Friday Fancies is that it requires me to step out of my comfort zone when it comes to fashion. I'm able to take a little bit of what I love and incorporate it with something more creative. Mixing patterns is very much "in" right now but hasn't been a trend I have tried. However, that's not to say that it couldn't be....

Friday Fancies-Mixing Patterns

I love patterned tights! A few weeks ago Old Navy had their tights 2 for $10 so picked up a few pairs and one pair similar to these. I also have a weakness for houndstooth prints and I think it is just an all around classy print. The pop of red makes this a little more fun and I could actually see myself wearing something similar IRL!

There are some really creative and beautiful "mixed patterns" at Long Distance Loving so go check them out!!!


  1. That skirt is adorable! Cute outfit!

    Happy to have found your blog. Have a lovely weekend!!

    A Day in the Life and Mind...

  2. Love the skirt and i also loooove patterned tights! great styling!

  3. those pumps are absolutely fabulous! great outfit

  4. Yay I also love houndstooth! I'm not very brave when it comes to mixing and matching either, but I like what you've done here :)

  5. I love the mix you did here! Simple yet totally fun! Those shoes are my favorite part though! I love the shade of red.
    Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!

  6. Houndstooth and polka dot tights? Girl, give me a high five!

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  7. Just enough mixing to feel accomplished, but still cohesive - love it!