Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Control Freak...

When this little critter crawled in bed with me 10 weeks ago I started a roller coaster ride that I never ever imagined would go on as long as it has. It began with a trip to the WakeMed ER early on a Sunday morning and starts to end tomorrow at the wound clinic at Duke Raleigh Hospital.

For the past 6 weeks my surgeon has told me that my leg is slowly improving but not healing. To say that I have been frustrated would be an understatement. So many Thursdays after my appointments I've come into work crying because I was either just really sad or in a lot of pain.

My family will attest to the fact that patience has never been my strongest quality. With a lack of patience comes the feeling that I need to be in charge of what is going on in my life. I learned very early on in this spidey experience that how my leg heals is completely out of my control.

Even though I have no control over this situation, or many others in my life, I believe that God does. I believe that God has heard my prayers when the pain is really bad and I can't sleep at night and has given me strength when I just feel completely defeated. Even more than that though I believe that God has put people in my life to help me through this experience like my surgeon and some really special friends who have taken care of me.

So, here's to hoping my purse can finally stop looking like I robbed a medical supply store! See ya' gauze pads, non-stick sterile pads, ace bandages, athletic tape, and $100 tubes of medicine!

Thanks to modern technology my leg and I officially start down the road to recovery tomorrow!

...and thank you to the newborn baby whose parents offered up part of his junk so that I may heal :)

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