Friday, October 28, 2011

2 Things...

(1) I think I'm about to have some big BIG changes coming up in my life very soon that I cannot wait to blog about. Next week I hope to be able to share more info on that.

(2) I'm going to attempt to make a vlog this weekend (video blog for those not down with bloggy world lingo) I have a few friends who read who have asked how I curl my hair so I am going to attempt to make a video to show you! I call it my Real Housewives hairdo...

This is the best picture my iPhone could provide me with this morning...but you get the idea!


  1. Oh i love how you phrased that caption "this is the best picture my iphone could provide me with this morning". Makes it sound like you took the picture (double fisting beer and wine) this morning! Hahaha that's my girl! Make it a GOOD day!

  2. Hoooooray for fun news, can't wait!

    Your guess was correct Missy! But I can't find a sash, where did you get yours?

    Happy weekend!


  3. ooo I can always use a new hair tutorial! Looking forward to it. Have a great weekend!