Wednesday, September 14, 2011


{1} Anyone that know me knows that I love going to the gym. Working out isn't something I do necessarily to stay in shape its something I do to keep my stress level under control. Back in April I moved downtown and decided to leave my gym of over 3 years and try a new one closer to my new apartment. When deciding to switch gyms my top priority was looking at what classes they offered because my old one had an amazing class schedule. So far my new gym has not disappointed! Part of what I'm loving this week is a class called Inner Strength. I always describe it as ballet meets pilates and cardio. Don't be fooled by the peaceful music and candles...this class will kick your tail.

{2} My options when it comes to dessert are quite limited due to my (dreadful) dairy allergy. So I was really excited when a friend from high school served Ciao Bella Mango Sorbet topped with fresh raspberries for dessert at a dinner party a few weeks ago. I may or may not have had this almost every night for the past week...

{3} Last week in one of Sephora's many emails they promoted a Bare Minerals collection that almost seemed to good to be true : full size volumizing mascara, blush, eye shadow, eyeliner and brush for $40! This was seriously a deal I had to check out for myself since my Diorshow and CORALista were running low. Even though I'm not sure I would buy all of these products individually I'm really enjoying trying something new. The lip gloss and eyeliner definitely worth trying!

{4} I'm loving that it's finally football season!!!! Last year I spent every Saturday and Sunday doing grad school work rather than tailgating and watching football games with my friends. So this year I plan to make up for lost time. On Sunday I joined some friends at one of my favorite restaurants to watch the Ravens vs Steelers game. Not only was it a great game (for Ravens fans) but I got to soak up all the excitement and some of the good food that comes along with this time of year. I wish I had taken more pictures but unfortunately this was all I got. Clearly I was very excited about the fried pickle chips...

{5} Finally, I am loving that I have back to back weddings for the next several weekends! I love seeing my friends start a new chapter in their lives. Since graduating from college I have been to at least 5 weddings a year (4 x5=20) its kind of ridiculous but so much fun. This weekends wedding is literally across the street from my apartment and the other is at the beach. It really doesn't get
much better than that!

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