Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Part of my reason for starting this blog is so that I have a place to write my journey as I transition from the corporate world to non-profit world. While I love them both, I am looking foward to starting a new chapter of my life. I feel like I have been patiently waiting for a few years for a door to open, and I firmly believe it will. Every step I take I know that God is preparing me more and more for what is ahead. It's hard for me to imagine what I would be like without the influences of my family. My desire to work with people in marganilized populations began when I was really young. I must have inherited this trait from my grandma who has spent much of her life teaching adults with developmental disabilities (or DD) and I suppose she got into teaching after seeing what a difference school made in my uncle's life. My uncle, who had a DD, was really an extraordinary person. He loved with all of his heart and lived every day to the fullest. Sometimes during the summer when I was out of school I would go with my grandma and uncle to his school and work with him and his friends. I'm so thankful to have had that experience as a child. I believe that anyone who spends a significant amount of time with someone with a DD quickly learns that they are not put on this earth to learn from us but rather to teach us how to be better people.

Part of my journey in figuring out what is next requires me to look back and see where I came from. I'm so thankful for my family and how they taught me to love people who are not just like me.

1 Corinthians 13:7 "love believes the best in others and hopes for the best in others."

(Uncle Freddy, Me, & Grandma Hall in 2008)

Ok...enough sappy stuff. I promise these are few and far between. :)

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