Thursday, September 29, 2011

What I'm Playing Thursday...


Happy Thursday Y'all!!! Thank goodness this week is almost over. Here's a random collection of music that's been making me happy lately...

Griffin House-The Guy that Says Goodbye to You

Gym Class Heroes-Stereo Hearts

Maroon 5- Moves Like Jagger

David Guetta- Without You

In honor of Hall and Oates coming to the Triangle in December.....

Hall & Oates- Sara Smile


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Work it Wednesday: Black Blazer

Black blazers aren't just for job interviews anymore. I've been seeing them around fashion blogs for the past year or so but I just haven't been able to find the one for me. I chose the blazer today for Work it Wednesday because I think it's a great transition piece for summer to fall fashion. Paired with summer dresses, shorts, and tops a blazer makes it possible to still wear your favorite summer pieces into cooler fall temps.

Work it Wednesday (9/28) #1

Work It Wednesday (9/28) #2

Work It Wednesday (9/28) #3


Monday, September 26, 2011

All the Single Ladies...

I think we can all agree that relationships get complicated at some point or another. Having a relationship, not having one, wanting one, wanting out of can all get a little messy sometimes! Here lately I've been having a lot of conversations about relationships with my single and not so single friends and I have come to a few conclusions about dating.

#1. It's important to keep things in perspective.

So you met a hottie and hit it off with great conversations. Lets keep it real and not start planning your wedding. Could this be the one?! Maybe...but time will tell. While it is fun to think about all the "what ifs?" that come with meeting said hottie it's really important to make sure you keep in perspective that this is a person you really don't know that much about. If this becomes a person you're dating they should be treated as a person you're dating, if they become your boyfriend same thing, and then husband. The whole getting to know someone can be a beautiful experience no need to rush it.

#2. Believe him when he says he's not looking for a relationship.

I can't tell you how many times I have fallen into this or received phone calls from friends crying about some guy being a jerk. Maybe you can change a person's mind....but lets keep it real yo' and say that you probably can't. Guys almost always tell a girl what they're looking for within the first few conversations they have. If he is concerned that someone might snatch you off the singles market you'll know it.

#3. There is something to be said for planning ahead.

A text at 5:30 p.m. to grab a drink at 8p.m. does not constitute as a date...or shouldn't in my opinion. I know I'm busy lady just like most of my friends. Its frustrating to get a text like this. Obviously, if you're interested, you want to go but on the other hand my time is precious you just complicated the evening I had planned with laundry, pino grigio, and watching The Bachelor. So, instead of saying "no" to you I have to squeeze laundry in with cleaning the bathroom and vacuuming on Wednesday. (these are hypothetical scenarios of my week...promise!) My point is that it's respectful to call, not text, and plan a date. This kind of effort makes a great impression!

I'm a huge believer in being honest with myself. (not something I've always been good at but isn't everyone a work in progress?!) Also, I know there are some really great guys out there and I'm lucky enough to have some of them in my life.

So...those are my thoughts on how to keep it real in dating. I'm sure I'll come up with some more soon.

Disclaimer-While I have a masters in counseling I am not licensed and these are just my rants so nothing I say should be used as professional advice.....thanks! :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekend Update...

Even a monsoon at Emerald Isle, NC can't stop my friends from having a great weekend. Wedding weekend numero dos was simply amazing.

Love them!

Jeff and Nicki are part of my group of friends who all met playing kickball. I remember talking to Nicki right after they started dating and she told me how she already knew there was something special about Jeff. It has been really fun to see them go from friends to husband and wife.

I might go as far to say this the my favorite wedding thus far. So enough typing I'm going to let the pictures show the ridiculousness of this weekend and I'm going to catch up on my life.

Congratulations Nicki and Jeff!!! Thank you for letting me part of your beautiful weekend.

aaaand Sarah D. out.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Work It Wednesday - H&M Dress 3 Ways

I'm loving this dress from H&M that I picked up last weekend so I thought it would be fun to link up with Good Life for Less for Work It Wednesday. I know this dress is going to be a fun addition to my fall wardrobe!

Work it Wednesday (1)

Work It Wednesday (3)

Work It Wednesday (2)


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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Part of my reason for starting this blog is so that I have a place to write my journey as I transition from the corporate world to non-profit world. While I love them both, I am looking foward to starting a new chapter of my life. I feel like I have been patiently waiting for a few years for a door to open, and I firmly believe it will. Every step I take I know that God is preparing me more and more for what is ahead. It's hard for me to imagine what I would be like without the influences of my family. My desire to work with people in marganilized populations began when I was really young. I must have inherited this trait from my grandma who has spent much of her life teaching adults with developmental disabilities (or DD) and I suppose she got into teaching after seeing what a difference school made in my uncle's life. My uncle, who had a DD, was really an extraordinary person. He loved with all of his heart and lived every day to the fullest. Sometimes during the summer when I was out of school I would go with my grandma and uncle to his school and work with him and his friends. I'm so thankful to have had that experience as a child. I believe that anyone who spends a significant amount of time with someone with a DD quickly learns that they are not put on this earth to learn from us but rather to teach us how to be better people.

Part of my journey in figuring out what is next requires me to look back and see where I came from. I'm so thankful for my family and how they taught me to love people who are not just like me.

1 Corinthians 13:7 "love believes the best in others and hopes for the best in others."

(Uncle Freddy, Me, & Grandma Hall in 2008)

Ok...enough sappy stuff. I promise these are few and far between. :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend Update...

Wedding weekend #1 was a blast!!! It was amazing to see so many of my sorority sisters and college friends back together again. My friend had her reception at a children's museum in downtown Raleigh that was not only beautiful but provided some quality entertainment complete with a full size city bus, firetruck, and boat...

I swear my dress was not as short as it looks in this picture...yikes!

I think this is such a fun bridal portrait and completely sums up this wedding!

Congratulations Megan & Jared!

Now to catch up on all the other things I didn't get done this weekend :) Can't wait for wedding weekend #2!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

What I'm Playing Thursday!

{Country Edition}

Trace Adkins- Just Fishin'
(Pretty sure my Daddy wrote this song...)

Eric Church-Homeboy
(of course I had to include my hometown favorite)

Jason Aldean- Dirt Road Anthem

Eli Young Band-Crazy Girl

Miranda Lambert- Heart Like Mine

Sara Evans- My Heart Can't Tell You No

Blake Shelton- God Gave Me You

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


{1} Anyone that know me knows that I love going to the gym. Working out isn't something I do necessarily to stay in shape its something I do to keep my stress level under control. Back in April I moved downtown and decided to leave my gym of over 3 years and try a new one closer to my new apartment. When deciding to switch gyms my top priority was looking at what classes they offered because my old one had an amazing class schedule. So far my new gym has not disappointed! Part of what I'm loving this week is a class called Inner Strength. I always describe it as ballet meets pilates and cardio. Don't be fooled by the peaceful music and candles...this class will kick your tail.

{2} My options when it comes to dessert are quite limited due to my (dreadful) dairy allergy. So I was really excited when a friend from high school served Ciao Bella Mango Sorbet topped with fresh raspberries for dessert at a dinner party a few weeks ago. I may or may not have had this almost every night for the past week...

{3} Last week in one of Sephora's many emails they promoted a Bare Minerals collection that almost seemed to good to be true : full size volumizing mascara, blush, eye shadow, eyeliner and brush for $40! This was seriously a deal I had to check out for myself since my Diorshow and CORALista were running low. Even though I'm not sure I would buy all of these products individually I'm really enjoying trying something new. The lip gloss and eyeliner definitely worth trying!

{4} I'm loving that it's finally football season!!!! Last year I spent every Saturday and Sunday doing grad school work rather than tailgating and watching football games with my friends. So this year I plan to make up for lost time. On Sunday I joined some friends at one of my favorite restaurants to watch the Ravens vs Steelers game. Not only was it a great game (for Ravens fans) but I got to soak up all the excitement and some of the good food that comes along with this time of year. I wish I had taken more pictures but unfortunately this was all I got. Clearly I was very excited about the fried pickle chips...

{5} Finally, I am loving that I have back to back weddings for the next several weekends! I love seeing my friends start a new chapter in their lives. Since graduating from college I have been to at least 5 weddings a year (4 x5=20) its kind of ridiculous but so much fun. This weekends wedding is literally across the street from my apartment and the other is at the beach. It really doesn't get
much better than that!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Fall is in the air!

I love the feeling of walking outside when the air is just a little cooler and seeing the leaves start to change beautiful colors of yellow and orange. As much as I welcome the summer months at the beginning of May I'm always very ready for a cooler change come September.

I always look forward to fall fashion and firmly believe that here is nothing more classic than a sweater and boots!
Fall Inspiration

Fall around here means the State Fair...
(I start getting excited about this in August every year!)

It means college football and tailgates...

It means local breweries start rolling out their pumpkin ales...

It means that just around the corner are Thanksgiving and Christmas which mean lots of family time and memories to make. There are so many reasons to love this time of year!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hello World...

After many months of countless blog stalking I have decided I should start my own. Now seems like the perfect time in my life to begin such a journey since I recently finished graduate school and seem to have some extra time on my hands. I have often been told that I talk a lot though I prefer to think of it as I just have a lot (of very important things) to say. So I figure what better way to share my secrets with the world than through a blog!

Born and raised in a small town in Western North Carolina, I now call Raleigh home. It is hard to believe it has been over 4 years since I graduated from Appalachian State University. Some day’s it feels like just yesterday I lived within walking distance of all my best friends and woke up to the breath taking Blue Ridge Mountains every single day. Moving to the "big city" after college has been one adventure after another and I have grown to love this city with all my heart. My hope is that this blog will act as well as a fun way to document the craziness that is my life along with keeping me more in touch with those I love!

I can't wait to start blogging about all the things I love from cooking, to fashion, to relationships and friendships, to getting bit by a spider....yeah, that actually happened but I'll save that story for another time.

Love, Sarah D.